Garbage When Copying Configuration To Router
Most likely cause:
  • Characters entering Console port too quickly.
  • Enter a transmit delay of 5 msec per character and 5msec per line.
  • In TeraTerm, go to Setup, then Serial Port in the menu. In Transmit Delay at the bottom of the Serial Port Setup window, enter the delay.

Commands Not Taken By Router
Most likely cause:
  • The hardware or software version you are running may not support the commands the BRST generated.
  • Some commands such as those related to MOP, Archiving, or lldp can be safely ignored.
  • Others may have to be looked into more deeply.
  • You can use the Cisco Command Lookup Tool when in doubt. You will have to create a Cisco login to use it.

Traffic Will Not Pass After BRST Config Copied
  • Standard router troubleshooting applies.
  • Ping steadily outward until you find something you cannot reach.
  • Check default route..
  • Check Router Logs for denials. Check that interfaces are connected and up.
  • Look over the log you captured when you pasted the BRST configuration into the router for errors. Try to fix those.
  • If you cannot find the problem and have to bring the router back online, do a write-erase, reload, and copy the original configration back into the router until you find the problem or have more time to work on it.